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It was such a beautiful thing to do and it was wonderful to be able to share this with my children who never met my mum.  Now we have a special place where we can all go as a family and remember her.  Of course, there were a few tears but everyone was just so lovely that it wasn't uncomfortable at all.

Vanessa, NSW 

About Trees for Mum

Trees for Mum is a free national event inviting children of all ages to celebrate their mum and the beauty of life, by planting a tree in her honour.

The Trees for Mum program, which started as a small event in 2002 has grown into a national occasion with participants around Australia planting trees on Mother’s Day.   In 2012, through our partnership with  Landcare Australia we aim to reach even more Australians nationally.

The History of Trees for Mum

Lauren Adlam and Deena Raphael brought Trees for Mum to life in May 2002. Both women lost mothers to cancer and were interested in doing something for other people who do not have mothers to celebrate with on Mother's Day. Trees for Mum was created to give motherless children of all ages the opportunity to remember their mum whilst planting a tree – a beautiful symbol of new life.

The first Trees for Mum event began with the support of Manly Council, Sydney and attracted over 150 people to Manly Lagoon Park to plant a commemorative tree. The following years the Trees for Mum program saw wider participation from councils across the Sydney metropolitan and has since expanded around Australia.

Interest from both participants and council supporters has encouraged the Trees for Mum program to grow. In recent years the program became a national celebration of all mothers. For those whose mothers have died, it’s a chance to remember. For those blessed to have a living mum, planting a tree is a lovely activity and a wonderful experience to share with family and friends.

The Future of Trees for Mum

In 2012 with our new partnership with Landcare Australia we hope to utilise the fantastic network of Landcare volunteers nationally, as well as continue to work with supportive Bushcare programs with metropolitan councils to grow and develop Trees for Mum.

To date more than 20,000 people have participated in the Trees for Mum Mother’s Day program at over 100 planting sites across Australia. Please join us in planting a tree and supporting this great event.

Public plantings and private commemorations

In cooperation with Landcare Australaia, municipal councils and other environmental groups around Australia, motherless sons and motherless daughters can nurture the environment and remember and honour their mum with a celebratory Mother’s Day tree planting. For those people living outside councils hosting public plantings, participants can plant a native tree or flowers in a private garden. Visit a local garden centre to find a favourite native species or another variety suitable to local conditions.